ITcity Content Management Framework

CMF from SEO Specialist!

CMS with a direct structure

Simple content management system

ITcity cmf simple for clients

For Clients

  • Quick learning CMF for your specialist
  • No restrictions on the implementation of ideas
  • SEO optimized
  • Without regular payment
  • Any shared hosting will do
ITcity cmf simple for designers

For Designers

  • Responsible
  • Freedom for creation
  • Simple create new template
  • Or use any html template
ITcity cmf simple for developers

For Developers

  • Clear code.
  • Core - 450 lines of code - 26Kb.
  • Pure procedural PHP.
  • Without OOP.
  • No heavy frameworks!!!
  • Flat-file saving content.
ITcity is seo-optimized cms

Full SEO-friendly CMF

Itcity CMF is based on the recommendations of Google and Bing for search engine optimization sites.

First SMM-friendly system from start

  • Generation and putting links to pages of the project in social medias.
  • Realized Share buttons to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest without heavy JS scripts.
  • Working facebook instant articles rss channel.

Fast CMS

Rapid learning

  • The system is simple and as easy as possible - together with the editor it takes up to 1 mb.

Quick instalation

Simple development

  • Used programic language: PHP
  • Simple code - Procedural style of programming without OOP
  • Template engine not used. All work with templates make pure PHP

Quick launch of Website

Simple manage

What inside ITcity? Screenshots of admin panel, and example of PHP code in real time.

Types of sites launched on ItCity CMF

The CMS allows any kind of site with ease.

  • Blog
  • Corporate Website
  • Catalog
  • E-Shop

You can manage multilanguage, multiregional website and network of sites on subdomains with easy in one admin panel.

Philosophy by the author

- Everyone must to do their job.

ITcity gives SEO to the project from beginning. This is an opportunity for businessmen and bloggers to make a good startup.

The developed framework eliminates most of the bugs and errors of other modern systems on the it market.

It is important for the programmer to make the functionality workable, regardless of marketing and the ultimate goals of the project. As a result, the work of digital marketing is limited or impossible in principle.

The main task of ITcity is to combine the simplicity of the code, the lightweight of the site, and SEO.

The author's idea is to allow programmers to build a project based on the recommendations of search engines. Set the right direction for the movement of the project on the Internet. The developed site has every chance of becoming the first in the search results among competitors.

ITcity CMF will allow you to fully implement your idea, without being tied to thinking patterns in design, in content, without limitations of software functionality.

Created on knowledge of the basics of programming and is as simple as possible in the code. This will allow your specialist to quickly understand how the CMS works and implement your project.

Those who understand the philosophy of the author will benefit from the framework.

Many thanks to those who help the further development and implementation of the idea of ​​the ITcity CMS!