ITcity Content Management Framework

Full SEO-friendly CMS

ITCity CMF uses SEO recommendations from search engines - Google, Bing, and others.

SEO Features of ITcity

  • Using meta tags Title and Description from start without plugins
  • Auto generation of sitemap xml
  • Auto generation of robots txt
  • Rightly working error 404 and custom editable page - "not found"
  • Maximal caching on server and client sides
  • Does not create duplicate pages
  • Creation rss channel
  • Auto creation Hierarchical Model of website structure and inner link building:
    • structure of categories and subcategories
    • links to daughter and neighbor pages
  • There are no restrictions on page nesting - the recommended nesting according to Google is no more than the third level
  • The easiest and fastest initial template and design - which you can, if you wish, replace it with another ready-made template or create a template yourself
  • Divided and used for the direct purpose of the front-end and back-end - what could have been given to the front-end was given to the front-end

Result of Measure audit by Google

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Performance Audit
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