ITcity Content Management Framework

How to bring ItCity CMF?

The author does not pursue the goal of mass distribution of ITcity CMF in order to maintain competitive advantages in search results.

ItCity CMF is available in two versions: CMS & SSG


Content management system with
dinamic generated pages



Site static generator with pregeneration
of pages to static html files


Itcity CMF can be obtained after a voluntary charitable contribution for the further development of ItСity CMF.
The donation can be sent by wire transfer via Westren Union or MoneyGram.

You can send a donation to the author's name


Receive MethodCash Pickup

Next step

After submitting your donation, fill out the form and click the "Send" button.


Within 24 hours from the moment of receiving the charitable donation, the ItCity CMS or ItCity SSG distribution kit will be sent to the email you specified according to the amount of the donation.

ItCity CMF is transferred to you as it is at the time of receiving the donation. Screenshots of admin panel and example of php code ITcity CMF in real time.

After sending a letter to your mail with a zip archive with the ItCity CMF distribution kit and receiving confirmation of the opening of the letter, the money from the charitable contribution cannot be returned to the sender.

It is forbidden to copy, transfer or forward the ItCity CMF files to third parties for the purpose of mass distribution.

It is allowed to use the ItCity CMF distribution kit only for one domain - specified by you in the feedback form above.

One charitable contribution = one domain = one ItCity CMF distributive.

To change the domain - contact the author.

Contact email: